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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

This Night I'll Possess Your Corpse Review

Coffin Joe is back in This Night I’ll Possess Your Corpse.  Turns out he didn’t die at the end of the first film.  He simply had to go to the local hospital to recover from blindness and mental trauma.  This is the 2nd in a trilogy of Coffin Joe films from Brazil, the first being At Midnight I’ll Take Your Soul which I reviewed earlier.  This is a very successful follow up released 4 years after the first film

Joe once again is on the search for the perfect woman and this time he even has an assistant.  A hunchback named Bruno.  Still in his quest to have an immortal child he this time kidnaps six woman and tortures all of them.  He figures the one that does not break will be the one to bear his seed.  One woman named Marcia does remain in the end, but she refuses to have anything to do with Joe after he throws the other 5 women in a pit of snakes.

Luckily for Joe he catches the eye of another woman who happens to be the daughter of the local Colonel.  Her name is Laura and she actually falls in love with Coffin Joe.  Her father and brother want her to have nothing to do with Joe however so he brutally murders her brother.  The Colonel soon rallies the villagers together to go after Joe for the brutal killing spree he has been on.

This is another fantastic well-made film that never stops.  Featuring one of the most mesmerizing dream sequences I have ever seen in which Joe is dragged to a graveyard and sent to hell only to find out he is the devil is not only chilling but effective in showing what a monster Coffin Joe truly is.  The fact the sequence is in color only adds to the horrifying yet art house feel of the film.

Murder, violence, and gore it has everything a horror fan would want.  Even though it was made in 1967 it is still leaps and bounds better than most things currently out now.  This one was also picked up by Synapse and features many special features

35mmNegative scan supervised by director Jose Mojica Marins
The Making of This Night I’ll Possess Your Corpse
A visit to the Coffin Joe Museum
The Universe of Mojica Marins
Interview with Jose Mojica Marins
Introduction to the film by Coffin Joe
Original theatrical trailer
Photo Gallery
Optional English subtitles and chapter selections

Again this is a must own for any fan of the horror genre.  Pick it up now.

Overall 4out of 5 Stars

Venom Coming to Blu-ray 3/28/17

Behind the drapes... Between the walls... In your bed...
A thriller to make your skin crawl!
It was supposed to be the perfect crime: the sexy maid (Susan George of STRAW DOGS), a psychotic chauffeur (Oliver Reed of THE BROOD) and an international terrorist (the legendary Klaus Kinski) kidnap a wealthy ten-year-old boy from his elegant London townhouse. But they didn't count on a murdered cop, a desperate hostage siege, and one very unexpected houseguest: a furious Black Mamba, the most lethal and aggressive snake known to nature. It can attack from ten feet away. Its bite brings excruciating death. And it is on the loose. Now, terror knows no antidote... and the ultimate in slithering mayhem is VENOM.
Sterling Hayden (THE KILLING), Nicol Williamson (EXCALIBUR) and Sarah Miles (BLOW-UP) co-star in this gripping suspense thriller based on the novel by best-selling author Alan Scholefield and directed by Piers Haggard (THE BLOOD ON SATAN'S CLAW). VENOM has been remastered in 2K High Definition from its negative and features some very real - and extremely deadly - Black Mambas!
Special Features:
  • Audio Commentary with Director Piers Haggard
  • Theatrical Trailer
  • Teaser Trailer
  • TV Spots
  • Poster & Still Gallery
Review Quotes:
Classic-Style Suspense... A Thriller With Lots Of Bite!
-New York Post
Ingenious! I Had A Terrific Time!
-Rex Reed, New York Daily News
A Biting Thriller With A Cast Of Unforgettable Character Stalwarts!
-DVD Drive-In

An Exciting And Very Well Made Hybrid Kidnapping Drama/Horror Flick... I Had A Blast With This One!

At Midnight I'll Take Your Soul Review

At Midnight I’ll Take Your Soul is notable for many many reasons.  It’s the first horror film to ever come out of Brazil, it’s the first film to feature the character Coffin Joe, who went on to do a trilogy of films, and its also known for its savage violence, especially for a film released in 1963

The film starts out in a very old school type way.  Its black and white and we see a Gypsie woman warn us not to watch the film.  She appears later in the film as well to help further develop the story which centers around Coffin Joe.  Coffin Joe is a local undertaker who is looking for a woman, the perfect woman to bear his child. A child he believes can be immortal due to the continuity of the blood of him and a perfect woman.  His own wife is unable to bear children so he kills her.  This gives him time to pursue his friends fiancĂ©, Terezinha.  This does not bode well as she is in love with his friend.  Upon the spurring of his advances he murders her and her fiancĂ© and still continues on his quest.

Coffin Joe has become over the years an icon of horror films in Brazil.  His top hat and all black outfit.  His likeness has appeared in many films and even comic books.  Over the years he has developed a cult following here in the us as well.  The films are not the typical horror film we are used to.  Yes they are very graphic but the way they are filmed is almost like an art house picture.  A symphony of mental breakdown and violence.  The tone, and overtures take the film to an entirely new level when it comes to deplorable violence.  Where are in the US we enjoy and cheer a horror icon like a Freddy Krueger or Jason Voorhese there is nothing appealing about Coffin Joe.  He epitomizes all that is evil and grotesque in the world.

Shot in 1963 the films effects a light years ahead of their time.  The closing sequence with zombie/ghosts still to this day looks fantastic.  To make things even better Synapse Films has acquired the rights to the Coffin Joe trilogy and have released these on collector edition DVD’s.  And yes they do come with special features.  Which include

35mm negative scan supervised by director Jose Moijca Marins
The Making of At Midnight I’ll Take Your Soul
Jose Moijca Marins discusses his short film Reino Sangrento
Interview with Jose Moijca Marins
New scene filmed in 2002
Introduction to the film by Coffin Joe
Original theatrical trailer and rare promotional trailer
Optional English Subtitles and chapter selections

This film is a must own for any horror fan.  Go pick it up now

Overall 4.5 out of 5 Stars

Monday, February 6, 2017

Transformers 5 Superbowl Spot

Transformers 5 Superbowl Spot

Pirates of the Caribbean Superbowl Spot

Superbowl spot for Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales

Three coming to Blu-ray and VOD

“A rollickingly entertaining movie.” ~ Ignatiy Vishnevetsky, AV Club

“‘Three’ is a master class in how movies can be as unique and infinite as the people who make them.” ~ David Ehrlich, IndieWire

“The elaborate, largely slow-motionmultifloor action climax is as audacious as anything
[Johnnie To] has staged and filmed.” ~ Glenn Kenny, THE NEW YORK TIMES


A Film by Acclaimed Auteur Johnnie To

Debuting on Digital March 7
On Blu-ray & DVD April 4

Get in on the Action with Two Behind-the-Scenes Featurettes

PLANO, TEXAS. (February 6, 2017) – Tensions mounts and bullets fly in master filmmaker Johnnie To’s (Drug War, Exiled, Election) THREE, his latest showdown between cops, robbers and everyone else caught in the crossfire. When a police sting goes bad, a cornered criminal (Wallace Chung, Drug War) makes a desperate choice: he shoots himself, forcing the officers to cease fire and rush him to the hospital. Once there, he refuses treatment, waiting for his cohorts to break him out. Caught between an obsessed cop (Louis Koo, Triad Election) and the dedicated surgeon assigned to save his life (Zhao Wei, Red Cliff), the hospital is now a battleground of deception, double-crosses and a coming onslaught of violence. The action-packed THREE explodes onto digital March 7 and on Blu-ray and DVD April 4 from Well Go USA Entertainment. Bonus materials offer fans two behind-the-scenes featurettes: a look at “Master Director Johnnie To” and an exploration of the “Three Complex Characters” featured in the film.

When three disparate souls—a doctor desperate to redeem her reputation (Vicki Zhao), a policeman who will go to any length to seek out justice (Louis Koo), and a criminal with a gunshot wound to the head (Wallace Chung)—are thrown together in the hustle and bustle of an emergency room, a hospital descends from a pristine sanctuary to an explosive battleground.
Bonus Materials Include:

  • “Master Director Johnnie To” featurette
  • “Three Complex Characters” featurette

Streets of Fire coming to Blu-ray from Shout Select

Streets of Fire (Collector's Edition) is coming to Blu-ray May 2, 2017! This release features a brand new 2K scan of the interpositive and an entire second disc of bonus features, to be announced here at a later date, so stay tuned!

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